The Awakening of Russell Henderson

This week’s installment of Russell and Hannas’ adventures. Read the whole book by going to

After the hike, I continued to the west end of Lake McDonald and found Apgar Visitor Center, Village, and Campground. I checked in, found my camping spot and walked around the Village and down by the Lake. Several times I thought I saw Hanna, but it was never her.

It was getting late, and not having eaten since breakfast, I went into a village restaurant for dinner. The hostess showed me to a table for two and gave me a menu. A young well trimmed waiter asked about drinks. I ordered a Margarita and water and looked at the menu, deciding on a house special ribeye steak with fries and salad. The restaurant started to fill quickly after I had been seated and there was now a line outside. The hostess came by and asked if I would mind if another single customer joined me. I considered for a moment and agreed, not really wanting company. The hostess returned followed by a tall slender, extremely attractive woman who looked to be a little older than me, maybe mid-thirties. She had bobbed blond hair, turquoise blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She had an air of elegance about her, albeit, dressed in typical Glacier Park apparel of hiking boots, shorts and tee shirt with a large turquoises stone amulet at her throat that matched her eyes.

She gave me a killer smile, “Thank you so much for sharing. I’m Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cassy.”

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