All Hallows Eve

A poltergeist knocked over a chair in my mind 
waking me on a sunny day while clouds 
foreshadowed the night 
when the veil between 
here and there was thinest.

Candles burned quiet 
inside carved faces
casting eery light along 
cold dark trails as we walked.

Crisp leaves underfoot 
crackle as creepy goblins 
walk in quiet search 
for chocolate and apples.
Wispy warlocks and smiling shamans
dance by a bright bonfire lighted to guide
weary searching souls traveling under a
ghostly yellow moon 
shadowed by a cloud 
so silver faced elves 
can hunker safe on
All Hallows Eve.

Aspen Loop 10/2/22

We did a little trip up west of the La Plata Mountains today to see the Aspens. It is a strange year with some Aspens having already turned and dropped their leaves while other growths are yellow and yet some still green. But we had the added feature of new snow from last night.