Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail goes around 500 miles from Durango, Colorado to Denver over several mountain ranges, starting in the La Plata Mountains bordering Durango. Then through the San Juans, the Collegiate Peaks and into the Front Range mountains over some areas over 12,000 ft in elevation. MAny have hiked the trail either in segments or all in one fell swoop. Many have done it on mountain bikes. We did a little hike out and back from the trail head in Durango this morning and here are a few photos. Spring has not quite gotten to this area yet, albeit, flowers and trees are blooming down in town. There seems to be a different micro-climate every mile or so in our area, depending on elevation and other factors such as exposed mountain sides that capture the heat of the sun which heats the valleys below.

Things are still thinking about spring here. Of course, we are in the throes of an extreme drought so everything is very dry.

Junction Creek flows out of the La Plata Mountains and is usually flowing much heavier this time of year.

More underbrush.

Thanks for looking.

The Awakening of Russell Henderson.

Every Sunday, I try to post an excerpt from my novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson. Here’s another. The book is available at

During the week, I would find a new spot to locate and explore. I camped and hiked out in the Pioneer Mountains, the Sawtooths, out by Redfish Lake, up out of Galena Pass, out Trail Ridge Road, and even some nice trails closer to town. At first it was hard, but I was gradually becoming more comfortable with being alone, enjoying my solitude more and more. I was getting to know myself.

About two weeks of doing my motel routine, I had just returned to my room to clean up after the Saturday run and meet Abby for lunch when my phone chirped. I saw it was a San Francisco number, took a breath and answered.

“Is this Russell Henderson?” a woman asked.

“Yes, Who’s this?”

“Hello Russell, this is Hanna’s mother, Meg.”

Haiku 113: Rain

I awoke to wet sidewalks from a rain shower someting during the night. The rain had moved on the the east and black clouds covered the eastern mountains. When things cleared, the mountains had a new fresh covering of snow.

Early morning rain
to dark cloud awakening.
Mountains treacherous.