The Backdoor

It was a foggy frosty morning when I took this picture. It reminded me of a poem I wrote a few years ago.

I walked out the backdoor of my life
into desolate bleak grey snow 
blending into a steel grey sky —
with no beginning, with no end.

No shadows defined my place
in this universe of horizonless space —
nothing moved as all were petrified  
like a garden of lifeless stone.

I wandered away into emptiness — 
an unforgiving frigid desert
lost to visual perspective —
searching for a lost memory.

In a far distance that did not exist
I heard a coyote scream her hunger.

A Rewrite . . .

I have the second book (tentatively titled, Sunset in Paris) of a series ready for review, editing and publication which is a sequel to my first, San Juan Sunrise. Since this will now be a two book series I decided to go through San Juan Sunrise again and I ended up doing a complete rewrite, which, I believe has made it a much better read,

The upshot of all this is that the revised edition of San Juan Sunrise should be republished, possibly by summer 2023 and followed by the sequel, Sunset in Paris, maybe in Fall or early winter 2023..

So stay tuned for updates on the progress and availability for book one and book two. Jenny’s adventures are more exciting now in San Juan Sunrise and even more so as she travels to Paris and meets some interesting new characters including a famous Formula One race car driver.