The Woman in Black

The woman in black stood
in her raven hair, red lips shining,
her large black purse, 
black glasses and boots.

The woman in black waited
thirty seven minutes 
knowing not what for,
never smiling, only staring.

The woman in black stood
silent by the dead flowers
this day after the 
Hunter’s Moon.

The woman in black apathetic
to a passing world
in clear blue noon sun passing 
between Uranus and time.

The woman on black cried
no lonely regretful tear 
or sad memoir drama
no one would write.

The woman in black walked 
into a black Venus night
when the moon refused to shine,
disappearing into silence.

The woman in black pervades
my mind troubled now forever,
and I fell in love with her,
and I disappeared with her
into that black silence.


The Darkest Fairytale

Writing isn’t a choice
It’s a part of you,
Tattooed into the DNA
Printed onto every organ
It’s a passion born to stay.
Writers lead two lives
One in reality,
The other on paper
You are the lead role
and the editor.
It’s an addiction
A drug you can’t forget,
Armed with words
Fantasies and hope,
Embedded into ink
From every breath
To every sunset.
It’s a beauty yet a curse
From the life you lead,
To the life you dream
The thoughts explode
From every seam.
It’s a parallel world
A portal of art,
Mirrored into your life
Scripted into your heart.
As the author
You’ll live & experience
Everything twice.


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Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales

Everybody in town has disappeared except for Sara and Andy. They desperately call their parents back east and there is no answer. TV stations are off the air. So is the radio. Then a man called Thomas knocks at their door. Find out the rest of the story in a “A Man Called Thomas”.

Grandpa’s Horse and Other Tales

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