I love to observe people and make up stories about them. When we were at this restaurant in Mexico, this couple was sitting at a table in front of me. I could see this woman, her husband or partner’s back was to me. This poem describes what I observed and conjured up. Since I am off my Haiku kick, this will hve to suffice for a while.

she sat alone 
across from a husband
she didn’t know
lost in his 
aging unflinching
abstract life.

she twiddled her hair 
yawned bored 
stifled another
twiddled her hair
looked out the window
into the dark night
hiding the tide 
rolling in 
on schedule.

her mouth moved 
as she tried to talk
but there were 
no more words
to express
her loneliness.

she caught my eye
with a smile of 
longing for some
interest and 

i returned her smile
with mine
and left
into the night
not wanting
to enter
her disquietude.

3 thoughts on “she

  1. I love this. How is it that other people’s poetry I often can’t connect to, but I like yours so much? Perhaps because it’s lyrical. You write with great economy, not cramming too much in there, leaving space.


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