Summer Memories

Lolling on a hazy summer day, drool running down 

my chin my beer tipping precariously as eyes closed off

consciousness slipping sneaking me into a soft slumber nap.


A busy curious house fly landed on my nose to walk around 

its new found planet for exploration or to search for food

discovering nothing moving on for a more fruitful endeavor.


Startled awake by my visitor and a sip of warming beer, music 

floated across space and time from a far off place not my own

containing children’s shouts and laughter and splashing water.


A soft breeze chilled my beads of sweat stirring the humidity 

laden air containing smells of charcoal grills, burgers and hot 

dogs being readied for families as they gather on shaded patios.


Such summer days become hazy

remembered now in blizzard 

hard winter cold empty white 

dawn my dreams interrupted 

only to crawl out from under 

deep down not enough to warm 

this heart on this short day.


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