New Book

I have not posted anything in some time due to the fact that I’ve been working to get my anthology of short stories published. There was a lot of working with my editor and cover designer and we are in the last phase of formatting the book. There are ten short stories and two novellas. I am hoping it woill be available in early 2022. I am including the cover design for your viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for the release date.

Welcome to the age of repair

Well worth a read. Lot’s of wisdom here.

The Darkest Fairytale

Money only exists because ego and greed exist. If everyone could share, there would be no need for money and there would be balance on this planet. Each day, more and more of us are waking up to the corruption called the ‘system’. The system is controlled by the 1% of the world’s elite that know nothing but greed. They have let their greed and ignorance consume them, and now their greed and ignorance are consuming the planet through the system. It’s amazing how much the governments lie and cover up the truth for this 1%. They think the population can’t handle the truth. When in fact, they can’t admit the truth. They all screwed up, and it’s all for control, because they can’t control their own lives. Humans are an incredibly adaptable species. They just don’t want us to understand how adaptable we are. Their own egos prevent them…

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The Awakening of Russell Henderson

Last week was the last post for excerpts of The Awakening of Russell Henderson. We were at the end of the novel and if I post anything more, it will ruin the ending for all of you out there eager to purchase it and read it in its entirety. Thanks for all who tuned in for a few or for all. I have a collection of short stories being published for release in February 2022. Stay tuned.