Touching Base

I have not been posting much as of late. The collection of short stories that I hope will be published by Christmas has taken up much of my time. Plus, I’m writing another novel (slow going) and several more short stories. And my luterie work can take up much of my time when needed repairs roll in. There are so many projects I need to post, but, for some reason I think, everything I post needs to be more extensive than is sometimes needed.

And another thing, I keep getting frutrated with WordPress and its sometimes weird behavior. I was going to try to move to another platfrom for blogging, but found the one that was supposed to be so user friendly was worse that WordPress. So goes the battle.

Til later . . .

2 thoughts on “Touching Base

    • So agree. Block editor seems to be more and more skittish all the time. Like I’m working on something and all of a sudden everything will disappear. It’s there somewhere and it takes me longer to find it than do a rewrite. As I said, I checked out a blog/website that was suppposed to be compatable with the Apple platform and it was worse than WordPress. Arrrrrgh.

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