Food and Farming Part 6

So, are there any solutions to eating industrial food? Yes, and here are some.

The first would be, if at all possible, plant a garden, grow your own. I realize this isn’t possible for many. Many do not have space, live in apartments in a city, and for other valid reasons. Maybe you never planted or grew anything in your life and are not interested in learning or you don’t have the time and energy.

The next solution would be to visit your local farmers market if there is one close by. Buy directly from natural growers of which there are many and their numbers are increasing most everywhere. We are fortunate that where we live we have year ‘round access to fresh produce and locally grown free range meats and are able to buy directly from or once removed the local growers. As I say, we are very fortunate.

But if you live in an area where farmers markets aren’t available, check for local food co-ops which will generally stock organic produce. Also, there is the Natural Grocers chain available throughout the midwest and west. There is Whole Foods Market. And I’m pretty sure there may be other natural food stores depending on your locale. And, lastly, most large chains now have organic sections.

Of course, like everything, it boils down to economics. Be for-warned, natural foods are generally more expensive than industrial foods. There’s a reason for that, and as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. That can certainly be a factor for many depending on one’s food budget. But consider that a healthy strong body can be well worth the extra cost. What is the cost of illness? 

I might add that, the more folks who buy organic meats and produce, the more one supports the sustainable organic growers and the less profit is then given to the industrial farmers and the Big Ag thugs. Once a critical mass is attained, we can all hope that all food production might once again have the goal to produce clean healthy food for every one and hopefully bankrupt the corporate giants.

I will have one more post, so keep checking in . . .

2 thoughts on “Food and Farming Part 6

  1. I feel inspired. I live close to both a farmers market in downtown olympia here in Washington and a co-op down the street. There’s something for me to do this weekend. I have talked much of my eating disorder and o discovered along the way that fresh food which tastes good goes a long way in helping me eat. The broccoli from my dad’s garden I had last summer made store bought broccoli seem like an absolute joke. Same with the carrots. Thanks for the inspiration!


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