The Awakening of Russell Henderson

Every Sunday, I try to post an excerpt from my novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson. Here’s another. The book is available at

I got what I needed from the camper and locked it up. Like I need to lock things up here. And here I am doing, what? Settle down. It’ll do you good to relax. But I’ve been relaxing. Risk assessment? No talking? A month? I need to call Karen. Fuck!

I found my room. It took ‘austere’ to a totally different level. A single bed, a wash basin on a table, a straight backed chair,  a cushion to meditate on, and a window. No t.v., no computer, no cell phone, bathroom down the hall.

Maybe I should have stayed in the camper. Too many distractions. Go with the flow. Be adventurous.

I tried to call Karen to let her know what was going on, but the call went straight to voice mail. I left a message that I would be out of communication for probably four weeks and left the emergency number at the center with orders not to call unless a matter of life and death. I turned off my phone . . . for four weeks.

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