Mesa Verde National Park

We did a little drive over to Mesa Verde National Park today after breakfast. It’s an easy drive, but havent been there since over a year ago, so it was fun to revisit some of the ruins. Especially before summer when it is very hot and slammed with touristas. Here are a few shots I took. Tha Ancient Pueblans occupied these Mesas and the valley to the north, now the location of the towns of Cortez and Mancos. They migrated to the Rio Grande Valley around a thousand years ago apparentlydue to a prolonged drought, not unlike what we are now experiencing.

La Plata Mountains by Durango are in the far background.
North Mountains by Telluride. The Wilsons (14,000 ft. plus) are center.
From a fire some years ago.
Square Tower House.

More of Square Tower. We were probably 100 ft. or more above the ruin.
Cliff Palace from across the valley.
A different view of Cliff Palace.

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