The Awakening of Russell Henderson

This week’s installment of Russell and Hannas’ adventures. Read the whole book by going to

I came to the end of Flathead Lake and kept on a southbound course, hit I-90 for a few miles, then turned off into Missoula. I pulled over in a shopping center parking lot to check for campgrounds, finding one south of town about halfway to Hamilton. I called and reserved a spot for the night. Still early afternoon, I drove around the town through older neighborhoods, eventually by chance, running into the University of Montana campus. I parked and strolled the campus, now deserted for the summer but for a few summer school students, a few grad students, and dedicated professors.

I felt a bit envious of the students and their freshness, remembering my undergraduate days. I was always working so hard, I didn’t take the time to really absorb what I was learning at the time. I could hardly remember most of the courses I took. What a waste.

I wandered into campus town and came across a bookstore. Along with the usual textbooks, they also had a good literature section. I came across a Hemingway novel, ‘The Sun Also Rises’. I remember having read Hemingway in sophomore literature, but couldn’t remember the title. I also found a book on the Native American Flute. Then I found one in the New Age section titled, “When You Wake Up, You can’t Go Back”. I remembered Hanna had used these very words with me, and a sharp pang ran through my heart. I bought all three and left.

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