The Awakening of Russell Henderson

This week’s installment of Russell and Hannas’ adventures. Read the whole book by going to

After a moment she came and joined me, having put on a fleece top against the evening chill that was settled in this time of the evening. She pulled out, what looked like a pen from her pocket and asked, “Want a hit?”

“A hit?”

“Yeah, it’s a hash oil vape pen. It’s like highly concentrated marijuana in an oil form.”

“I’ve never smoked marijuana before. What’s it like?”

“I like it because it mellows me out, relaxes me. I am care full not to do too much and get numb like when I used to get really stoned, back in my younger days. This is much more potent but much milder than smoking actual buds.” 

I knew nothing about marijuana and had never smoked anything before, but obliged her by giving it a try. It was surprisingly mild and easy to inhale with only minor coughing. I was about to do another and she said, taking it from me, “Just start slowly.”

She took a nice long pull, put her head back and slowly exhaled. “I’m so happy this is legal in Colorado now. We used to smoke when I was in college, and even some in grad school, but you never knew what you were getting off the street, some good, some not so much.”

I was starting to feel a deep relaxation settle over me and we both sat, not saying anything. 

“I’m getting chilled. Let’s go in the van.” She said.

“Sure.” I got up, feeling a little disoriented but clear in my head. Interesting. Very interesting.

She led me in and we sat next to each other on her bed.The next thing I knew, she turned to me, pulled me to her and kissed me. It wasn’t just any kiss, but a deep lingering kiss. It was a surprise when her tongue went into my mouth. I did the same to her. All my built up sexual frustration was exploding. I went out of my mind with passion and desire. Immediately she was undressing me. I was undressing her. It was like a movie I saw once. We were suddenly naked and the next hour or so was amazing. 

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