The Awakening of Russell Henderson

This week’s installment of Russell and Hannas’ adventures. Read the whole book by going to

We continued walking and reminiscing about growing up, me on a farm and her in town, one of two children of a father who was college professor and a mother, a writer. I was so engrossed in talking with Rebecca, I lost track of time.  She taught middle school in Missoula and worked here at the Park during summers. We were the same age and had crossed paths many times in our early years. Finally Rebecca broke our conversation needing to check on the rest of the group. Everyone was doing fine except for Hanna who was glaring at me.

I fell back alongside her. “So how’re you doing?”

“Fine! Just fine!” she replied tersely.

“You’re acting strange. What’s bothering you?” I asked.


I walked along beside her, neither one of us talking. I was wondering what was going on with her. Was she irritated that I was talking with Rebecca? But her aloofness had begun yesterday. 

I said, after a while, “I’m sorry for whatever I did because I must have done something to upset you. I’m sorry.”

“Fine! Why don’t you go on and walk with your new friend?”

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