The Awakening of Russell Henderson

This week’s installment of Russell and Hanna’s adventures. The book is available at

Mom answered quickly. “Hi Mom, it’s Russell. How’re you doing?”

“Russell, where are you. We thought you were coming home like we told you to do. Are you on your way?” she asked expectantly. 

“I’m in Yellowstone National Park, Mom. It’s amazing out here, and please stop worrying about me. I’m doing fine. There’s no need for you to worry.”

“Well, we do. What in earth are you doing out there anyway. I told you to stop running around wasting time. You need to get home and get back to work and patch things up with Dana. We didn’t raise you to be like this.”

“Mom, with all due respect, I’m not coming home anytime soon. I’m planning on heading up to Glacier Park tomorrow and eventually maybe to San Francisco to meet, my friend, Hanna’s mother. So it will be, I don’t really know . . . it’ll be a while, I’ll let you know where I am.”

Glacier Park, never heard  of it . . . and San Francisco, California? That’s so far away. What about your job? And who is Hanna?”

I tried to explain where Glacier was and tell her about Hanna and how we were traveling together and had become friends, but it was like talking to a wall. She ignored everything I had said and launched into a rant about irresponsibility, Dana, work, family, why couldn’t I be like my brother and sister, what had they done wrong, and so on. I finally had heard enough, and was able to interrupt when she took a breath from her tirade and quickly said, “I’m fine, Mom. Good to talk to you. Hi to Dad. Love you both. Talk to you soon,” and disconnected, took several cleansing breaths, as Hanna called them, turned off my phone and went to find her to get ready for our set.

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