The Awakening of Russell Henderson

A day late, but here is another short excerpt from my latest novel.

Cooled and refreshed we got out, dried off and reclined on the chairs, basking in the last of the afternoon sun, enjoying our wine and the quiet, both  lost in our own thoughts. With the sun was setting, the temperature dropping, we headed to the shower building and I took a long hot shower followed by shaving my off three day growth. We met back at camp and I suggested going to the Mom and Pop restaurant next door to the park. We walked over and entered into a retro 1950’s vintage establishment that wasn’t retro at all, but original. The table were pale green formica and the seats were worn and cracked red naugahyde. There were chrome based stools with the requisite cracked red naugahyde seats lining a long lunch counter. There were smells of fried onions and grilled burgers. My mouth started to salivate; I suddenly realized how hungry I was.

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