The Awakening of Russell Henderson

Here is another excerpt from my latest novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson. Stay tuned for next week’s.

We drove west, following the directions, to John’s house, a nondescript ranch, with a dusty drive and parking area. There was no lawn or shrubs. A few more houses were scattered about. They all looked the same, all were nondescript . . . and sad. It all seemed so desolate. I pulled in. Hanna got out and looked at me with a pleading face. “I really wish you would reconsider doing the sweat with us.”

“Thanks, but no. I need to get going. It’s already getting late. It’s been nice to know you and best of luck . . . with everything.”

She gave me one final look of puzzlement and sadness, turned and walked away with her backpack and guitar. I watched her for a moment as she found a place for her tent. I drove back out on to the highway and started to head south a few miles and pulled over to argued with myself. 

I really hate to see her go. I was enjoying her company. There was something about her that I found attractive, something more than her looks. But, on the hand, I like things predictable. I don’t do things like this without researching, planning, and accessing all risks. What would happen if I went and did this sweat thing? What would happen if I did? Oh what the hell!  Russell, be adventurous for once in your life. Go back there and see what happens. She wants you to do this. But why should I do anything with someone I just met, a hitch hiker for god’s sake. You like her. Do it. So you loose a day. So what? You certainly have the time. Why rush? Take time to enjoy.

I took a deep breath, turned around and headed back and found Hanna putting up her tent. “So what do I have to wear to this ‘sweat’ thing?”

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