The Awakening of Russell Henderson

 I am posting some excerpts from my latest novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson, here for the next while. Here is another. Stay tuned for next week.

One day when I left the coffee/etc. bar, I saw a really nice, pristine 1987 Volkswagen four wheel drive Westfalia camper van parked right behind where I was parked. It had a ‘For Sale’ sign in the passenger’s side window with a phone number. 

I thought back to when I was in college going to summer school when a few of the guys I knew had summer jobs somewhere, many out west in Colorado, Montana, Idaho, and other exotic sounding places. They worked at resorts, national parks; as river guides, as ranch hands. Me, I stayed in Iowa and studied. 

In my world, money was my adventure. I had made a lot. I was thirty years old, in good health, had no responsibilities. What the hell?  I got out my cell and called the number; a guy answered. I asked about the VW. 

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