The Awakening of Russell Henderson

 I am posting some excerpts from my latest novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson, here for the next while. Here is another. Stay tuned for next week.

Dad said, “Russell, good to see you, boy. How’re doing? Hear you’re moving back. Big city life finally got to ya?” with a chuckle.

Then Donny stuck his head out from behind a tractor, “Yeah, he’s back with his tail between his legs ‘cause he couldn’t handle his woman. Always was a loser.” He laughed. “Heard she run off with another woman. Wait’ll the boys around town hear this.” He laughed sarcastically.

I ignored him and tried to continue talking to dad. But he wouldn’t shut up. “Big city boy comin’ home with his tail between his legs. I always knew you were a loser.” He laughed. “What ya gonna do now loser? Big city bank fire the loser?”

“Shut the fuck up Donny. I’ve been here two minutes and I’m already sick of your mindless bullshit. Any DUIs lately?”

That did it, he came around towards me with his fists clenched, “Fuck you, you little shit. I’ll fucking tear you a new ass — !”

Dad said in a sharp voice, “That’s enough! Both of you! Donny get back there and finish putting the oil in and shut up! Russell, I don’t need this from you either!”

“Sorry , Dad. I think it’ll be better if I just leave. It was good to see you.”

“Awe, you don’t need to run off just because of — .” He nodded his head towards where Donny was.

“Is mom up at the house? Like to say hi.”

“Naw, she went into Iowa City for some groceries and a few things she needed to do. Should be home soon.”

“Tell her I said hello. I’ll see her another time.”

I turned to leave, “You don’t need to come around no more. Nobody really gives a shit about you . . . loser.”

I flipped him the finger and left. Dad was always nicer and more understanding than mom. I would have liked to spend some time with him, but, all the same, I didn’t go back.

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