86,400 Dollars

I recently read an interesting parable in Marc Levy’s first novel, If Only it Were True.

I will paraphrase it here . . . 

Imagine you had won a contest and that each and every day you had $86,400 deposited into your bank account with only two rules:

1) Everything you do not spend will be taken out of your account at the end of the day. You have to spend the entire amount by the end of each day. You cannot cheat or hide the money by moving the funds to another account. But each and every morning there will again be $86,400 in your account.

2) The bank can close this account at any time, without warning. It can tell you that this game is over, it is closing the account and there won’t be another.

The question is, what would you do with this gift? How would you spend this amount of money every day? Think long and hard. Would you sit and worry about how you would spend this great amount of money and by the end of the day it would still be there and you will have lost it all? Or would you get on with the business of spending it in the best possible ways, enjoying it, sharing it, celebrating it?

Every moment we have in this life and is precious. Each day we are given twenty-four hours or . . . 86,400 seconds. Spend your daily gift wisely, especially during these weird and trying times.

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