The Skateboard King

The skateboard king twirls his own  

tenuous tricks to the sound of 

one hand clapping alone

for his stupendous trove. 


Achilles looked on with envy 

cursing the arrow in his heel.

Paris smiled silently

at the shimmering seal.


The King’s last one slick snare

failed and bailed out to one

bright Pleiades in mid-day flare.

All clapping was finally done.

The Poet has Died

The poet has died, no more songs to sing.

No more profound words to write in

the tattered coffee stained notebook

with a worn out pencil he took.


He died last week a month ago,

a year or millennium so,

How did he live, how did he die?

Many are those who wonder why.


Had he written too much sad verse?

Were there no more poor rhymes to curse?

Did drugs take that deft mind?

Too many words he could not find?


No more, no more words of prayer.

No more words for high ladies fair.

No more words of life, death and love.

No more cooing songs of the dove.


Do all the poor poets who die alone?

Each now sit on a golden throne?

Do they rhyme in heaven or hell?

There are none to come back to tell.