5 thoughts on “Spring Equinox

    • Thank you, appreciate it. Spring most definately is close by. We had our first thunder storm of the year this morning. However, our mountains are still getting hammered with snow. Spring will come up there in the high country around the end of June.

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      • You are welcome, Ed. Yes, even the slightest change in elevation will mean the difference between rain and snow. Temperature here today has risen above 5 C, a nice change from the -13 C we’ve been experiencing. Our spring arrives sometime around the middle to end of April but we can still have snow well into June.


      • Where are you located on the planet? When nyou say ’13C’, I know it’s not the ol’ U. S. of A as we haven’t yet caught up with the rest of the world with the metric system which makes so much more sense. So now we essentially have to deal with both. I’m located in Durango, Colorado in high desert at the foot of the San Juan Mountains.

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      • I am in Newfounndland, Canada. Average winter temperature is around 30F but this winter it’s been more like 12-15F. Our summer average is around 67F but last summer, July and August brought daily temperatures that reached low to mid 80sF. I’ve never been to your part of the US but I have spent a lot of time in Florida in the springtime. I remember trips to Disney where temperatures reached 104F.


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