Dana’s Backstory

I have been thinking lately about one character, Dana, from my recent novel, The Awakening of Russell Henderson, and am thinking of writing a back story for her. Poor Dana, she was never really given much space when I was dealing with her difficult, workaholic husband, Russell. Fedup, she wrote the note, moved out, literally lock stock and barrel, to move in with another woman with whom she was having an affair. Then there was the divorce and Dana was no more. That was all in the first chapter, as I recall.  But I think she has an interesting short story she would like to share with me and has given me permission to write it. I’m sure she will readily work quite well through my imagination.

Stay tuned for later as I will not have much, if any, time, to write her backstory until after Sunday, March 3d, as the Durango Film Festival starts tomorrow and I have a solid four day’s worth of films to see. This is always a great treat to see all these features, documentaries, and shorts that will never be in the mainstream movie houses, films dealing with everything imaginable, including several documentary and shorts programs from Native Americans as we live so close to their culture here in the southwest. There are also several adventure programs since we are also located in mountains, deserts, and canyons where adventure abounds.

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