Missed several days now . . . trooped back across the desert to our favorite winter respite with palm trees, a lovely pool and hot tub and nice people.

I committed myself to get some work done while hanging by the pool in the sun but all I’ve gotten done so far is to congratulate some of the folks who won a copy of “The Awakening of Russell Henderson” in a Goodreads giveaway. Still a few more to go as Goodreads kept increasingly wanting to know if I was a ‘robot’ and I was having to prove I was a human by trying to select all the stoplights or bicycles or storefronts, etc, in their fuzzy hard to decipher groups of poor quality fuzzy images. My eyes started crossing and I got frustrated and quit and haven’t triedagain . . . yet. I know I have to go back and keep on truckin’ along . . . much rather be writing . . . hell of a lot more fun.

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