Missed yesterday . . .

Too occupied running around to get anything written yesterday, but it was a great time exploring a place right over the border in Calfornia off of I-8 called Felicity, aka, The Official Center of the World. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. We only had a few hours, but I could have spent a whole day here.

Check out the sand dunes in the background.
The bronze sculptored hand modeled after God’s arm from Michaelangelo’s ‘Dawn of Creation’ painting in the Sistine Chapel which also acts as a sun dial. The twenty foot pyramid is in the background.
The plaque in the center of the pyramid.
Looking toward the chapel with the granite walls of history and memories.
The ‘History of Humanity’ wall. There is an incredible amount of text and many images skillfully etched into the wall by some amazingly precise and talented artists.
The chapel.
The inside of the chapel.
A view from the chapel towards the pyramid.

More can be found out about this serene magical place at <http://www.centeroftheworld.us&gt;. If you are ever on interstate 8 at the Arizona California border, make a point to stop by.

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