My New Novel

My new novel, “The Awakening of Russell Henderson” is now available on Amazon Kindle. Print version to be out shortly.


When Chicago investment-banker Russell Henderson—newly divorced and suffering from depression—makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to go on a camping trip to explore the Western United States, he steps outside his usual safe mode of operation and opens up a wealth of new, and scary, possibilities.

Somewhere in Iowa, he picks up a woman hitchhiker, who challenges everything in which he believes. This sets off a chain of events that involve an American Indian sweat lodge, a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche, and a road trip through stunning countryside. His relationship with the woman becomes more complex, and deep self-reflection eventually leads him to step outside the confines of his upbringing and discover who he truly is.

Part road trip, part romance, and fully visionary, this is a delightful story that both inspires and entertains.

A reader review:

“The protagonist, Russell, enters the story as a self-centered, left brained, irritating alpha male. When his wife walks out, he is deeply shaken and embarks on a journey of self discovery, traveling westward across the US. Almost immediately he picks up hitchhiker who rocks his world. He is rapidly introduced to new cultures, new ways of thinking, and new ways of behaving. He discovers within himself a new generosity and depth of honesty. His love of music reemerges and blossoms. A thoroughly fun read with philosophical nuances.” Rini Twait


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