I dreamed a dream where I dreamed a dream

that I was but a shadow who disappeared into a mirror

through which Persophone awaited my arrival

tempting me with her beautiful tearful presence.

“Oh, White Knight, come with me to the underground

for to slay the dreadful Hades who I cannot love,

he who forbids needed sustenance for months

while I am away from my mother, Dementer.”

“Oh beautiful lady of the gods who rule heaven and earth,

I am but mere mortal man who carries only the power to love.

I have not the power to slay the god of the underworld

who lives in a realm humans cannot enter but with death.

I awoke from madness upon hearing the coyotes who roamed

when dawn might come to bring enlightenment to flowers,

to light beings with diamond eyes, and to us mere mortals.

I stood before the mirror to stare at my morning face,

but saw only Persophone smiling me back into my dream.

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