Eternal War

Earth lives in sheltered comfort

from screaming bombs

missiles from hell

brought forth from the

greedy minds of moloch

of horror creation

where all die for the

religion of hate and control.


Those who leave the shelter

walk in their heavy armor in

alien deserts with

heavy swords of death

for the idolators of moloch

their face flesh burned away

bloody eyeballs seeing their

limbless bodies

impaled on missiles and spikes

of those who worship hate and fear.







die whores of moloch—–

worship him and die

a death deserved into an

empty abyss where

no virgin whores dwell.


Suffer your sad confused

soul to wander in raged

sadness from your own

golgotha and carry your

cross for eternity

where ego lives ——–


only your wretched consciousness

of your worthless earth journey where you

learned nothing———


be reborn endless lifetimes

into karmic suffering being a filthy fly squashed for

eons until you finally learn of love.

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