there she was

on dateme.com,

please satiate

my lonely heart,

sad so many years from lost loves.

email correspondence,

exchanged photos,

a goddess beyond dreams,

she found me interesting,

wanted to meet

next saturday afternoon,

coffee and a walk

in some park,

where flowers bloomed,

water rippled,

lovers held hands,

children played,

dogs were walked,

ducks on the pond,

idyllic new spring, blossom perfume.


arrived expectantly

to meet a dream,

never imagined,

heart expectant,

a tap on my arm,

“you” she said,

an excited look

to where she stood,

not her picture,

dark hair,

not blond,


not curved,

a smile,

a crooked tooth,

but scared,

so scared, “sorry”, she said.

stared in awe,

took her hand

and fell in love.

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